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Affordable Self-Care in Vancouver

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Vancouver is a city known for many things but affordability isn’t one of them. Self-care has also become something that is often associated with a price tag. As Liesl Groecker observes in their article The Commercial of Self-Care Has Left Us Needing More Self-Care: “It’s become work. It’s become competitive. And it’s become expensive.” In addition […]

A Brief Overview of OCD

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Like many mental health diagnoses, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) comes with its fair share of stereotypes. You wouldn’t be alone if the first thing that pops into your mind is an image of someone washing their hands multiple times a day, a meticulously clean home as the backdrop. These are common stereotypes, and though they could be represenative […]

So You Think You Might Have ADHD—Now What?

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I’ve been hearing a lot about ADHD lately and I am sure you are, too. It is not uncommon these days for someone to receive a diagnosis well into adulthood. If you think you might have ADHD based on what you’ve heard and read, you might also be wondering what the next step is. Navigating […]

7 Signs of ADHD in Adults

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If you didn’t grow up hearing about ADHD, chances are you know about it now. In the 1980s, around one in every 20 children in the United States were diagnosed with ADHD, but today that number is one in 9. There is a global rise in ADHD, including a 123% increase in the number of adults with […]

Finding a Counsellor in Vancouver

Are you trying to find a counsellor in Vancouver? Feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone. If you have gone to search for a counsellor on PyschologyToday or CounsellingBC you might end up scrolling through hundreds of profiles and wondering, “how the heck am I supposed to chose just one?” I can’t choose for you, but […]

How Insurance Works for Counselling

Since counseling is not covered under BC’s Medical Services Plan (MSP), those seeking counseling through a private practice or practitioner (like Fieldwork Collective), often wonder about payment. Will I have to pay for this out-of-pocket or will this be paid for by insurance? Do you have extended healthcare benefits? Well, the first question is this: […]

Types of Therapy—Which One is Right for Me?

I often think there is something strange about searching for a therapist. Website’s like Psychology Today list “types of therapy” under treatment approach as if we, the prospective clients, know what the heck they are talking about. CBT, EFT, DBT, IFS, AEDP, EMDR—wait—what? Yeah. It’s a lot of acronyms. Should we, as clients, know what we are […]

What is gaslighting, anyway?

It seems, lately, we are all being gaslit. Gaslighting is everywhere—from reality TV to our most intimate relationships—we now have a name for those interpersonal encounters that once left us speechless. Have we been victims of gaslighting all of our lives and just recently found the word to make sense of our experience? Or, are we […]

3 Common Fears That Arise From Anxious Attachment

And how awareness of them can create space for change If you have an anxious or ambivalent attachment style, I don’t have to tell you how stressful love can be. We are all worthy of love, but for those of us who are anxious, it can be hard to believe that we are lovable. Being in a relationship […]

4 Signs Someone Has a Disorganized Attachment Style

How this attachment style shows up in our relationships The disorganized attachment style is the most complicated and difficult to understand of the human attachment styles. Only 7% of the population fall into this group, whereas 20% of the population tend to be anxious and another 20% avoidant. It might be relatively rare, but 7% of the population means chances are we […]