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A free weekly group teaching skills from Positive Psychology

Learn evidenced skills to enhance your mental health and well-being in an engaging online environment

Are you looking for ways to improve how you feel, enhance your well-being, and explore your mental potential? Our weekly Positive Psychology group provides a fun, engaging space to build your best self. Each session provides opportunity for conversation, learning and sharing with people who are focused on positive ways to develop their mental health and wellness.

The group pulls its material from evidenced practices in the field of Positive Psychology, and is facilitated by two of our Counsellors. A typical session starts with reflections on the previous week, before moving on to the current week’s topic. Conversation focuses on how we understand the topic and how it has shown up in our lives, before moving to ideas of how to work the concept more mindfully into daily living.

The group is a structured process group. In other words, it’s more like a group therapy than an informal chat. Members can expect a fair amount of organization to the format and conversation, balanced with a lot of fun.

The group has a strong emphasis on kindness, openness, vulnerability, understanding and affirmation. We strive to create an inclusive space where everyone is welcome. This includes comfort with sharing and participation: whether you want to be an observer or active participant, we’ll work with your preference.

The Positive Psychology group is free, held online, and is open to anyone 19+ living in British Columbia. It meets weekly on Tuesdays at 630pm Pacific Time.

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Group Topics

A 12-Week Curriculum


Finding joy in the selfless delivery of usefulness to other people's lives

Grit & Resilience

Locating the intrinsic resources to persevere through hard times

Meaning & Purpose

Developing and contributing to a vision of life's importance and value


Locating the strengths and values that provide direction to life's pursuits

Creativity & Curiosity

The processes of finding solutions to life's problems, big and small


Using past experience to inform future self-development

Positive Communication

Enhancing communication to clearly and fully express our experiences

Slowness & Savouring

Cultivating an appreciation of the world as it is, and has been


Appreciating the people, places and things that make our lives wonderful

Hope & Optimism

Finding the capacities to expect, and work toward desired outcomes

Positive Relationships

Building connections to sustain ourselves and our communities

Strength Work

Leveraging our inherent abilities to address problems and grow as people