Counselling internships

About our program

We are currently accepting applications for January 2025 and May 2025. Due to the volume of applications received, we only respond to shortlisted applicants. Thank you for your understanding.

Fieldwork offers a mixed online/in-person internship for students enrolled in accredited Masters-level programs. Our supervision meets requirements for registration with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and the BC College of Social Workers.

Interns provide sessions both online and in-person, the latter out of our office located at the intersection of Main and Broadway in Vancouver. To complete online sessions, interns need to have reliable and predictable access to a quiet, dedicated, and tastefully-decorated space. A quality AV setup, including high-speed internet and good webcam is also required.

Beyond that, you:

  • Have done your own work to such an extent that you can name what’s coming up for you before others can
  • Can hold the sometimes deadly seriousness of our work with the playfulness of knowing that none of us should take ourselves too seriously
  • Know when to deploy something like CBT and when to apply the exquisitely heartfelt and honest
  • See value in ongoing education, formal certification, and comprehensive training, while recognizing that none of these guarantee we are any good at anything
  • Have strong values and beliefs that you constantly question and frequently revise
  • Do not see the world in dichotomies of good/bad, right/wrong, powerful/disempowered but can operate within these as necessary to comply with ethics, law, and the need for safety
  • View “trauma” as a shorthand term that oversimplifies a vast range of human experience.
If you can relate to the above, we encourage you to complete an application below. Note that the application includes long-form questions; we encourage you to provide thorough answers as these are weighted highly.

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