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Counselling can be helpful if you’re looking to resolve specific problems, and if you’re looking to build a more fulfilling life. Our counsellors provide a trusting space for you to explore your experiences without judgment or criticism. We provide professional, yet personal help that is tailored to your individual needs, the problems at hand, and the goals you have for yourself.

Counselling looks different for every person, but what remains consistent is the trust found in the relationship with your counsellor. This relationship is an important one, and many people describe counselling as the first time in their life that they are able to fully open up to another person. Over time, as rapport deepens, you’ll find yourself being able to access the clarity needed to navigate life in a way that feels authentic to you.

Beyond the relationship, our counsellors are able to offer new perspectives on situations and experiences, and can provide valuable insight, such as coping skills and communication strategies that help manage stress more effectively. Where specific problems exist, such as anxiety, depression or trauma, we can also provide treatments that help to alleviate these problems, and sometimes even completely resolve them.

Overall, counselling provides people with a platform where they can start living life more authentically while connecting better with themselves and the people around them. For those willing to take the step, counselling serves as one of the most effective ways available to understand yourself more deeply, and craft the life you want.

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The connection you share with your Counsellor is the single most important factor for getting the outcomes you’re looking for. All of our Counsellors offer the opportunity to share a conversation first, for you to get a sense of whether they’re a fit for you.

Each of our Counsellors offer sessions online and in-person out of Vancouver offices. All of our Counsellors hold advanced graduate-level training and experience in counselling.

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