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Life isn’t always easy. We experience repetitive cycles of uncomfortable thoughts and emotions that consume, exhaust, and deplete us. We may struggle to align our actions and reactions with our values. At times, we feel disconnected from ourselves and others. Sometimes our troubles are situational: life transitions, interpersonal difficulties, traumatic events, and other challenging situations knock us off kilter. Whatever’s burdening you, I’m here to help you feel less alone and more empowered to navigate life’s inevitable turbulence. Fundamentally, I view counselling as the work of personal growth, accelerating our ability to find and sustain joy, connection, and meaning.

I will meet you with compassion and understanding as together we explore where you’re stuck. I draw on attachment, emotion, and mindfulness modalities in co-creating an approach with each unique client. Our work may involve developing self-awareness, attaining insights, processing wounds, defining goals, identifying strengths, softening into authenticity, and honing skills in the realms of thinking, emoting, behaving, and relating to others. My approach is trauma-informed, evidence-based, and culturally sensitive. I warmly welcome you to book a first session so that we can determine whether I’m the right fit for you right now.

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