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Brooke Patterson 



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Life has a way of presenting difficult problems that can cause us to feel anxiety, fear, despair, and grief. Sometimes, these experiences may challenge our sense of self and our ability to live the life we desire. While challenges will inevitability arise at different seasons throughout our lives, my goal is to help you experience the freedom of being able to share your concerns, doubts, and fears openly and honestly to support your inherent capacity for healing and growth.

The focus of my practice is to help you cultivate self-compassion, purpose, and acceptance. I lead with curiosity and humility. I bring a calm, stable energy and open-mindedness to help you explore yourself and your life in more depth. My desire is to foster a space in which you can experience connectedness, collaboration, and undivided attention. I am honoured to work alongside you as you develop your goals and step into your truest expression of self.

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