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Hello there, welcome! I am so happy you are here. Taking that first step to embark on therapy can be exciting. You are beginning a journey of self-discovery, and I strive to be an integral part of that process for you as your counsellor. Many challenging and profound experiences are often life-changing, and healing and growth can result from them. I hope to support and help you cross the bridge from where you are and where you want to see yourself and gain insights and wisdom about your personal journey.

My ideal client understands the value of honesty and openness. They are self-motivated and ready to make lasting changes. My therapeutic style is centred around compassion, warmth, and clarity. As a therapist, I strive to hold space with clients. Holding space for another person is incredibly profound, bringing your entire presence to them. As my client, we will work together towards goals that you come to therapy for, combining this with my skills in development and healing. Whatever life’s challenges that you may be encountering, I am here to help.

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Areas of focus

Anxiety, Burnout, Depression, High sensitivity, Life transitions, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Perfectionism, Relationship issues, Stress and overwhelm


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Narrative Therapy, Positive Psychotherapy, Solution Focused Therapy
In Greater Depth

A Short Q & A with Elizabeth

What brought you to the field?

I came into this field because I have always had a propensity to reach out to others and utilize my interpersonal skills to help those in need. Becoming a counsellor was part of a long journey. I understand what it feels like to go through dark, seemingly hopeless times. Through my own healing, I found my calling, to follow my passion-helping people.

What is your approach like?

I use an integrative therapy approach. This means I combine the insights and tools from various therapies in an adaptive way for each client. Every person is unique, and integrative counselling allows for and acknowledges these differences. Therapy is therefore individualized for each client.  We are all made up of different psychological parts and emotions, which don’t always work together in the way we would like. Integrative counselling focuses on aligning these different, competing or opposing parts of ourselves in a full and rounded way. I commonly use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Positive Psychotherapy.

What can someone expect during a session with you?

During sessions, I offer a warm, accepting environment for you to share whatever is going on in your life as we find ways to restore your sense of peace and direction. I focus more on one’s internal resourcefulness and strengths and less on failures and weaknesses. Such a focus establishes a more positive mindset that helps one build on their best qualities, find their strengths, and change their worldview to one that is more positive.

I have found that my clients who know their strengths and use them frequently tend to feel happier, have better self-esteem, and are more likely to accomplish their goals. In addition, the strength-based approach that I often use identifies constraints that might hold back an individual’s growth. These constraints might be social, personal, or cultural issues.

What do you bring to your work that is unexpected or unique?

I like to incorporate humour and fun into our sessions together. I believe therapy can be about experiencing all emotions – the hopeful, the free, the enjoyable, and processing and giving space for the challenging emotions; the hurt, the anger, the fears, the grief and the sadness.

What is one piece of wisdom that has shaped your life?

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change&quote; – Carl Rogers

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