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Associate Counsellor

Emma Hough BA Associate Counsellor

If you are feeling weighed down by your thoughts, anxieties, emotions, or are experiencing trouble in your relationships, I am here with you. My goal is to provide you with a safe space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and behaviours the way you need to, without judgement. Together, we will work to reveal the depth of your inner world, and with all its richness and nuance. You are the expert on your own life, knowing your strengths, weaknesses, hopes, and aspirations. My role is to help you leverage what you already possess to build more of what you want to see in your life.

The core of my practice will always be respect, empathy, and unconditional warmth, to ensure you are provided with the safe and supportive space that you need in order to grow. My approach is person-centred and humanistic-based; however, we will work collaboratively to discover what approaches and interventions work best for you and your therapeutic goals. I resonate with the person-centred approach because it allows you to take the reins of your therapeutic process and explore through talk.

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Areas of focus

Adult ADHD, Anger, Anxiety, Burnout, Effective communication, Confidence and self-esteem, Depression, Grief and loss, Life transitions, Life direction and purpose, Perfectionism, Relationship issues, Stress and overwhelm, Trauma


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A Short Q & A with Emma

What brought you to the field?

I was brought to the counselling field by my empathetic nature and desire to help people. I spent half a decade working with children who have special needs in various settings. This work honed my passion for helping others learn their strengths, weaknesses and capacities, and how to translate these into real change. I always had an innate ability and desire to empathize, listen, and connect. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology, and Family and Child studies to acquire more knowledge and experience in the field. During this program, my interest in interpersonal and relationship dynamics continued to grow and led to me pursuing my Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, which I am currently completing.

What is your approach like?

The core of my approach is person-centred because of its emphasis on building a strong therapeutic relationship, empathy, congruence, and unconditional positive regard. I believe that when people are provided these conditions, they have what is needed to learn, grow and heal from within. We will always know ourselves better than others can, and my approach allows people to explore and strengthen that knowledge. As well, my approach and choice for interventions is a collaborative process with the client, in order to fully meet their needs and move toward their aspirations in life.

What can someone expect during a session with you?

Sessions are dynamic, and always involve a recap of where you have been, before deciding where you want to focus that day. If you’re sitting with me, you can expect a safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate environment where you can feel vulnerable and heard. We are investing in each other in order to facilitate an environment where you can flourish and build a compassionate relationship with yourself.

What do you bring to your work that is unexpected or unique?

What is unique to me is my personal life experiences that have helped me to be a better therapist, such as living in different countries and cultures, and helping people in different capacities. These experiences have challenged me to become more open-minded, vulnerable, resilient, and compassionate. I will always continue to challenge myself and confront my biases in order to better myself and create space for others.

What is one piece of wisdom that has shaped your life?

Perspective is reality. Reality is viewed through the various lenses we have created throughout our lives. These lenses are formed by our culture, society, family, social circles, role models, and more. This wisdom has shaped my life by allowing me to choose who I surround myself with and have an influence on my reality. I believe that this piece of wisdom creates space for more empathy, as it is a reminder of how we are all living, behaving, thinking, and feeling from our own subjective perspectives.

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