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Fernanda Borja 

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Registered Clinical Counsellor

Fernanda Borja MCP RCC

I recognize the challenges and changes that life presents. This is why, through counselling, I seek to help others with empathy and awareness. I believe in everyone’s power to self-transform positively and I’m passionate about accompanying you on this journey. As a client, I have experienced the power of the therapeutic relationship, which is why I seek to engage in a collaborative, compassionate and authentic relationship with my clients.

I have had the opportunity to live in different parts of the world – such as Mexico, Germany and France – giving me a multicultural vision as a person and as a professional. My previous experience includes therapeutic work with children, adolescents and adults. As well as in a social reintegration organization for adolescents, women, and children. My practice is culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, and based on a compassionate Cognitive Behavioural approach. I recognize that the therapeutic process must be adapted to the needs of each individual.

I invite you to form a collaborative relationship where you feel seen and validated. Together we can explore and work with the experiences and emotions that arise at different times while respecting and honouring your individuality and background.

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