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Graham Butler 

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Registered Clinical Counsellor

Graham Butler MC RCC

Life is filled with challenges, both visible and hidden, that can impede our growth and fulfillment in life. Whether internal or external, anchored in the past, present or future, these challenges can burden us with anxiety, depression, overwhelm, self-doubt, dread and distress. Yet however they show up, whatever their origins, I believe life’s challenges are meant to shape us, not define us.

Central to my approach is the knowledge that healing and growth are most effectively done relationally, with trust and collaboration bringing about our most profound transformations. From this foundation, we can work toward uncovering the origins of inner unrest and embark on a process of understanding, integrating, and ultimately transcending our challenges.

Working together using proven, evidence-based techniques, we can address a range of concerns, including trauma, anxiety, and depression. My goal is not only to help you navigate these issues but also to fortify your innate strengths, resilience, and self-insight, transforming challenges into catalysts for lasting growth. Ultimately, I believe therapy is about more than just managing problems: it’s about charting the course toward a more empowered, authentic, and joyful life.

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