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Ksenia Belova 

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Registered Clinical Counsellor

Ksenia Belova MCP RCC

I work with people desiring stronger, deeper and more fulfilling relationships with themselves, and with other people. If you’re struggling to feel well and to live the life you want, you may feel cut off from your core sense of self. You may have faced a rupture in trust, experienced deep loss, or not had the care you needed when you needed it most. You may find yourself locked in unhelpful cycles, caught in upsetting memories from the past, or turning to mindless distractions or harmful comforts. You may long to re-establish emotional intimacy in your life, to understand your own inner world more completely, or to engage life in a way that feels more congruent with who you really are.

If so, welcome. I see you!

At the heart of my practice is the knowledge that we all possess the capacity for inner confidence, clarity, and calm, and that these qualities emerge from the connection we share both inwardly with oneself, and outwardly with other people. When we are able to access these key aspects of human experience, we find what we need to begin crafting the life we really want.

I work with individuals and couples of all backgrounds, and strive to foster a space where you can feel seen, heard and understood at a profound level. The work may not be easy, but it can be freeing, exciting and transformative.

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