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Sophia Mivasair 

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Registered Clinical Counsellor

Sophia Mivasair MCP RCC

I work with people seeking to build clarity, calm, and confidence in their lives. You might struggle to express yourself, and be understood in important relationships. You might be stuck on a treadmill of tired patterns or caught in a state of endless overwhelm. You might find yourself burdened by the conflict, stress, and unpredictability of a busy life. You might be haunted by injustice, of having been wronged, caught by painful memories and unable to carry on. You might struggle with a sharp inner critic, or an injured sense of worth. You might yearn for deeper connection – with yourself, or those you love.

If so, I hear you — know that you were never meant to do this alone!

My practice is rooted in the belief that we are built to heal, and that this potential is opened to us when we’re seen, heard, and accompanied by a trusted companion. I work with people of all backgrounds and strive to build the space for us to recognize your personal challenges, your unique strengths, and your full, whole, and embodied self. My approach is focused first on collaboration and choice, placing you as the expert of your own experience. From this foundation, we can locate what works best for you, pulling from evidenced and effective techniques to help you craft and shape a way of being that is fully conducive to the life you want. It’s hard work, but it’s also rewarding, and that much more so, when you have the right support along the way.

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