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Whitney Humphry 

mcp rcc


Registered Clinical Counsellor

I work with people of all backgrounds seeking a gentler path in life. Perhaps you struggle with feelings of disconnection, sorrow, or self-doubt. Perhaps you are no longer sure of who you really are, or are feeling stuck in turmoil and out of alignment with your core values. Perhaps you have found your sense of safety rattled by events beyond your control, or have seen the real you lost amongst anxieties.

Amid the rapid pace and high expectations of our lives today, the need for a sheltered space of introspection becomes paramount. I see therapy as that place — a place to pause, reflect, rediscover, and realign.

I employ a blend of time-tested approaches, including mindfulness to anchor you with the present, parts work to soothe inner turmoil, and somatics to harmonize your mind and body. Central to my approach is the belief that in order to understand what you face today, it is helpful to look at what has happened in the past, those experiences being essential to shaping the richness of who you are.

Whatever path we take in working together, my aim as a therapist is to support you in developing a deeper self-awareness so that you may feel more at home in your mind and body. With understanding, patience, and care, we can work at your pace to embrace your strengths and reclaim the parts of you that have been concealed or forgotten. Together, I believe that we can help you craft a life that resonates with beauty, purpose, and joy.

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